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Nov 20, 2023

The staff team will review every report on a case-by-case basis. Due to the human nature of RP, a rule cannot be written for every instance. Therefore, the staff team reserves the right to apply experience and judgment on each report and as a result, the outcome may differ from one report to the next.

Remember, we do have the discretion to take action, even though no written rules have been broken. - Christoffer, 2022

General Rules​

  • A working quality microphone.
  • Twitch TOS or known as TOS must be followed at all times.
  • Breeding toxicity, whether it be in the server or on other platforms (Youtube, Discord, Twitch, etc), can have you removed from the community at any point without warning.
  • This is an English-speaking server, you are expected to communicate in English.
  • Real-world current affairs and tragedies should not be brought into the server, this is a fictional environment which we have created as an escape from reality.
  • United Gaming has a zero-tolerance policy on all kinds of discrimination and trolling. It will not be tolerated in our community.
  • Any form of Erotic Roleplay is not permitted.
  • *********, Mental Health, ******* and Self Harm Roleplay are not permitted at all in United Gaming.
  • Use of immersion-breaking terms and OOC communication is forbidden on the server.
  • As much as we're here to safeguard individuals within the city, we're not here to manage your personal relationships or conflicts that do not match the roleplay.

Roleplay Rules​

Character Creation​

  • Characters should have a realistic name that also follows Twitch TOS.
  • Characters must have all 4 limbs attached to their body.
  • Characters must be completely fictional and must not represent a version of yourself

Random Death Matching and Vehicle Death Matching​

Random Death Matching (RDM) is defined as the act of killing or hurting another player or recklessly killing NPC’s, by use of any force without prior initiation or a valid roleplay reasoning.

Vehicle Death Matching (VDM) is defined as using a vehicle to kill, hurt, or damage another player, or their property by use of any force without prior initiation or a valid roleplay reason.

An exception to this rule is you’re being attacked or your life is in danger and they are blocking your only reasonable escape route.

Examples of VDM include (but are not limited to):
  • Intentionally ramming another vehicle with your own.
  • Deliberately nudging a vehicle that a fleeing player is exiting in order to knock them over.
  • Knocking down and or killing another player intentionally using your vehicle.
  • Excessive ramming.

GTA Driving​

  • Players must drive in a manner that shows respect for the "class" of vehicle they are operating.
  • All vehicles may drive on tracks, but only clearly offroad vehicles may drive up smooth, steep surfaces such as large hills.
  • The types of tyres on your car do not affect the ability to drive across different surfaces.
  • You can perform clever and creative environment usage, including lifts/ramps/jumps.
  • Extreme usage of the environment is not permitted.
  • You cannot continue to drive a vehicle that has lost 3 or more tyres when in player vs player roleplay.

Not Valuing Life​

You must value your own life as if it were your last, ensuring you comply with demands when a threat is presented to your character. If your character is at a clear disadvantage, you should comply with demands.

An example of this would be:
  • Throwing your vehicle in the path of a speeding vehicle with the intention of having it crash into you.
There are some accepted exceptions to the NVL rule. These include (but are not limited to):
  • In a vehicle, driving away from a firearm that is being pointed at you.
  • As a police officer, engaging an individual with a hostage once sufficient negotiations have broken down.
  • As a criminal, fleeing from a police officer brandishing a firearm, when you have good reason to believe they may not shoot you.
  • If the person with the weapon is at a major disadvantage.
Players must note that these situations are judged on a case-by-case basis.

Meta Gaming​

Metagaming is defined as the use of information your Character does not have - gained outside the bounds of your Character's experiences and memories.

Please note, if there are holes within a story or the evidence is not deemed conclusive, staff reserve the right to punish players for metagaming. As well as this, the proof must be presented by yourself, not other people's streams or clips.


Powergaming is defined as the use of mechanics and abilities outside of the normal function of GTA 5 and FiveM, as well as the use of in-game mechanics to force RP to a desirable conclusion and block counterplay. As well as this, it can also be defined as not attempting to fit into the roleplay world in a sensible manner.

Some examples are (but not limited to):
  • Using /me to gain an unreasonable advantage (For example: /me holds knife to neck).
  • Forcing a Player to withdraw money, items, or any other assets under threat of violence. You can rob them for cash.
  • The usage or cancellation of emotes/animations during PvP activities.
  • RP’ing actions whilst carrying out other actions - like carrying someone while driving.
  • Exploiting a GTA/Script Mechanic for your own benefit - i.e. Starting a Robbery, leaving and later returning to collect the rewards.
  • Jumping whilst running.
  • Calling out locations when in a downed state.
  • Using the respawn function on a scene when other people are around who are not also respawning. For example, respawning when downed in an active shoot-out.
  • Escorting a player who is not cuffed or downed, so that they cannot have any counterplay.

Ninja Looting​

Ninja looting is defined as the looting of players, vehicles or stashes without a sufficient level of interaction or roleplay.

Voice Identification​

You may not identify a fully masked player through their voice to gain an advantage.
The exception to this is a casual conversation where you have no agenda or intention of engaging in Hostility with that player.

Corruption within the Emergency Services​

You cannot engage in corrupt roleplay without first gaining permission from the United Gaming Senior Team and FiveM Management Team via a Staff Report in the United Gaming Discord. For example (but not limited to):
  • Taking First Aid Kits and Saline bags from the NHS Equipment store and selling them to players. As well as this, buying the equipment from those players is against the rules.

Not Valuing Freedom/Cop Baiting​

You must value your own freedom at all times without any roleplay reason. If you lose the police, for example, you cannot return to the scene to help a friend, you must leave the scene completely. This can also be considered as cop-baiting. Other examples of this could be, but not limited to:
  • Deliberately committing a crime in front of a police officer.

Green Zones and Players​

A Green Zone, or "Green Grass" is defined as an area in which hostility may not be initiated. These areas are:
  • Pillbox Hospital and Central Hospital.
  • LFB’s Department.
  • This also includes the immediate surrounding areas (car park outside, entrance to hospital/the fire station, etc).

The following factions are deemed to be "Green" players and therefore may not be attacked, robbed, or taken hostage for robberies/criminal activities. The only exception to this is with an exceptional level of initiation and roleplay reasoning. These players are:
  • Uniformed EMS & LSFB workers. If the above workers are relaying information to the Police, they must be warned numerous times before you initiate hostility.

Crime Rules​


Initiation is the premise of interacting with the involved parties before anything hostile happens. Players should verbally communicate their intentions and the context of conflict before engaging in anything hostile. This allows players to engage in more immersive roleplay and also helps with character development and just a general engaging roleplay scenario.
Rules surrounding initiation:
  • Initiation must happen face to face. The person/people you are attempting to initiate with must be fully visible to you. You can’t initiate via any of the phone apps or Phone Calls etc.
  • You cannot initiate from a vehicle.
  • Players must be given the opportunity to respond to the initiation so that the roleplay can flow.

Initiation or poor initiation is always judged on a case-by-case basis, if it is deemed the initiation was not sufficient, this will be punished as RDM.

Combat Logging and Combat Storing​

Combat Logging is defined as using the quit or logout feature intentionally during an active sit to avoid doing the RP.
Combat Storing is the act of storing an item or vehicle in a stash during an active RP sit.

If you have lost an opposing faction such as another gang or the police, you cannot store your items or vehicle for 10 minutes after you believe you have lost them.

Heist Rules​

  • Smaller heists (such as shop robberies, house robberies and Vangelicos) cannot be started within 30 minutes of a server restart.
  • Larger heists such as Bobcat, Banks, Union, Bank trucks and Art Galleries cannot be started within 1 hour of a server restart.
  • If PD are on scene, gangs cannot intercept and attempt to steal a heist.
    • In order to breach a heist, you must go with the items that are required to do the heist.
  • Motorbikes cannot be used as a primary escape vehicle when doing a crime.
  • You cannot rob heists back to back, you should wait 30 minutes between each heist from when it has finished.
    • Please note: House robberies are not included in this due to the limited time that you have to do these.

Hostile Roleplay​

Rule of 6​

When engaging in criminal activities such as Heists, players must adhere to a maximum number of 6 players involved on each side of the scene.
This includes all individuals involved in a scene - from involved individuals to look-outs, swap drivers, etc.
Exceptions to this rule exist:
  • Police numbers may change dynamically based on the threat and wider situation within the City
  • Gangs may operate on their Turfs with their full gang.
    • Gangs must not deliberately bait Police or other Gangs into their turf to increase their numbers.
  • Gangs or Factions meeting or just generally roleplaying with no intention of engaging in hostility may meet with more than 6 Players.
    • If you attack a group who are not engaging in hostile RP, where they have more than 6 people, the sit will be allowed to continue with the players already on that scene.


Players are only allowed to scam other Players for illegal items in Roleplay.
It is not permitted to use Out-Of-Character communication to aid in your deception.

Robbing a player​

  • You must only take items that you have a roleplay reason to take.
  • You may not kill a player with purely the intention of robbing them.
  • You may not rob a player for no roleplay reason. This will be considered Ninja looting.

Medical Rules​

New Life Rule​

Upon using the Respawn feature, your character forgets all circumstances surrounding their death. Players may not enquire about how they "woke up with a headache"
  • If you receive hospital medical treatment from a downed state, you cannot return to that scene.
    • An exception to the rule is: A PD officer may return to an active scene after 1 hour from their downed state. However, a PD officer cannot return to a raid until the whole raid has concluded.

Dying within Roleplay​

As per this new ruleset (12/11/23), dying (0bpm) within roleplay now means that you must kill off your character and delete them.

If you wish to kill your character in the roleplay, it must have a roleplay reason behind it, you cannot just kill off your character because you want to. Whilst as a Management Team at United Gaming, we appreciate the fact that killing your character off can happen dynamically within roleplay.

This means you will always survive your injuries no matter the severity. Despite this, you are still encouraged to roleplay all injuries to a high level. For example, falling off of a 60-storey building will still cause broken bones and major trauma, however, you will not die unless you choose to permanently remove your character from the server.

Due to this rule, we are removing the limited number of character wipes you are allowed to have a year. There is now also no requirement to open a ticket to get this approved.


Perma-deaths on the server are a significant event, and roleplayers should consider the gravity of the decision to end their character's story. Such actions can have major implications, potentially catalyzing dynamic and wide-reaching events within the server community.

Things to note with this:
  • You will get your current garage of cars that you have bought through the UG Store or other means (IRL Money Purchases, you must provide proof of this in a ticket that you open to claim these), comped back to you. These will be comped as standard cars, no customisations applied. They will return stock unless there are essential body parts that need to be added. (People who have these cars, will know what we are referring to)
  • These are full character wipes, you will lose your skills, your money, your contacts, your relations etc, you will be starting from fresh on the new character that you create.
  • If you wish to 'pre-plan' your death, you can open a ticket to get the ball rolling on the comp process before this happens.
  • Please note, if you try to do things like, transfer assets or anything like that, you and the person whom you do this with, will face a ban for a significant amount of time, and this will be monitored.

If you wish to perma, you should do it in chat: /ooc Perma. This makes everyone around you aware, so they can adapt their roleplay.

Significant Memory Wipes​

Significant Memory Wipes are something that is critical to roleplay, to keep stories going. These are something that shouldn't be the first resort to go to, you should try to enable RP to flourish and follow it. Shooting someone in the head is not something that can be counted as a significant memory wipe. The bodies should be non-retrievable.
  • Bodies should be non-retrievable, if you place a body into water, the person should 'Hold E'. When this happens, you will wake up in the hospital from a coma, with nothing in your pockets, unsure of the events that led up to you waking up in the hospital.
  • If this is a situation where you are being 'Blooded out' from an organisation, you should forget the following information: names, registration numbers, faces and locations. You may remember the colours of cars, clothing, the colour of masks.
  • Something to note with Memory Wipes, you can't be in a downed state and /me in a coma or equivalent, you have to have held E, with no one around you. If you are being recovered, you will always survive your injuries, unless you decide to perma.
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