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Nov 20, 2023

The staff team will review every report on a case-by-case basis. Due to the human nature of RP, a rule cannot be written for every instance. Therefore, the staff team reserves the right to apply experience and judgment on each report and as a result, the outcome may differ from one report to the next.

Remember, we do have the discretion to take action, even though no written rules have been broken. -Christoffer, 2022

Character Wipes​

Players are allowed 2 (two) Character Wipes per year.

Terms and Conditions of Character Wipes are as follows:
  • Your assets will be reset to the default values when you first fly into the city.
  • Your phone contents (Contacts, Messages) will be reset.
  • Your characters memories will be reset: You will not know anyone from within the city.
  • Any ingame purchases (Cars, Items, properties etc.) will no longer be owned by you - you are not to transfer ownership of these prior to a Character Wipe.
  • Any IRL Purchases (Cars, Items, Properties etc.) That you still own ingame can be claimed back however we require all the information listed below to be filled out, and proof provided.
Players must request authorisation to Character Wipe using a Discord ticket - the Staff team will take you through the process.
Failure to request authorisation will result in the potential loss of all IRL Purchases.


All businesses within United Gaming are subject to corporate tax.
Whilst this is an OOC rule, it is enforced in RP through court RP, business closure, etc.

  • All business owners will be required to ensure there is a "Tax Auditor" or another such appropriate job role within their business that has access to view the bank account(s) of the company.
  • Taxation occurs on a regular basis (fortnightly) and is taxed in one of two bands:
    • Low Band - For businesses that run some kind of community engagement at least twice a month.
    • Higher Band - For businesses that do not.
  • Rates of taxation will differ and change dynamically.

Donations and Refunds​

All donations are final.​

Refunds are not given on any given donation, subscription, or a one-time donation.
It is the users' responsibility to cancel a subscription that they have access to - United Gaming Ltd. accepts no responsibility for a subscription that the user has failed to cancel.
Any chargeback or dispute will result in immediate and permanent removal from all associated United Gaming communities.

Custom Assets​

United Gaming Ltd. reserves the rights to all entities in our server. We hold the say on any and all entities within our server, and the rights to distribute as we see fit. Players who donate or pay IRL currencies can be gifted said entities within the server, but United Gaming Ltd. still owns the rights to any and all products.

Any custom assets (provided by the owner) for United Gaming to use will inherently be provided for use on all United Gaming-related servers; furthermore, United Gaming is free to do as pleased with these assets for as long as they are provided to United Gaming by their respective owner.
United Gaming is the provider of the service, which permits you to utilise certain service(s) including additions of custom asset(s) within our provided server(s).

Any provided asset(s) to be used within the United Gaming community of servers you (the owner of these asset(s)) agree to and grant a limited license which is worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, and transferable (with right to sub-license) to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform that asset(s) in connection with the provision of the service(s) offered by United Gaming and otherwise in connection with the provision of the service(s) and United Gaming's business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the asset(s) (and derivative works thereof) in any formats and through any relevant channels.

Any refusal of this licence will unfortunately result in any and all removal of custom asset(s) provided by you or your third party to the United Gaming provided service(s).
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