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Nov 20, 2023

United Gaming - Rules


The staff team will review every report on a case-by-case basis. Due to the human nature of RP, a rule cannot be written for every instance. Therefore, the staff team reserves the right to apply experience and judgment on each report and as a result, the outcome may differ from one report to the next.

Remember, we do have the discretion to take action, even though no written rules have been broken. -Christoffer, 2022

1. Out-of-RP​

Account Ownership & Responsibility​

All Players are responsible for ensuring their account, and all accounts associated with it, are not used to break Server Rules.
We recognise that there are cases whereby hardware or internet connections are shared between one or more players - and if one player breaks server rules, it can cause the entire shared network, or hardware, to share in a given punishment.

Game accounts used for United Gaming, cannot be transferred or shared between two or more individuals - Players are *always* responsible for everything that occurs on their accounts.

Character Creation & Property​

Character Naming​

Character names must be realistic and probable. You may use names taken from real-world people.
Troll Names, and the utilisation of extra characters to confuse ingame systems, are not allowed.
United Gaming reserves the right to request or, if necessary, forcibly name-change players.

Character Slots​

  • Players may have a maximum of four character slots. (Default, +3)
  • Donation for an extra Character slot is an agreement to the following Terms and Conditions:
    • Metagaming between characters will result in the potential removal of your second Character.
    • Character Removals for rule breaks will not result in Refunds, as per our Donation Terms and Conditions.
    • Server Warnings and bans apply to your player account, and not to a specific character.
    • If you donate for a "Ped" character and fail to use it for 80 days, you will lose exclusivity over that "Ped" and it will become available for others to donate for.

Transfer of Assets to other Players​

Players are not permitted to transfer in-game assets to other Players without a valid, story-based reason. This means, for example, that you may not give away all of your in-game assets because you are leaving the community, or taking a break.
Players that do this risk having their assets recovered by United Gaming.

Real Money Trading /Real World Trading​

Players are not permitted to transfer in-game assets for assets outside the server. Such out-of-game assets include but are not limited to: Money, Games, Skins, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Transfer of Assets between Characters​

Players are not allowed to transfer assets between their Characters. Upon completion of a purchase, in-game assets are assigned to the Character that it was allocated to. Under no circumstances (subject to change) will United Gaming permit the transfer of these in-game assets to another character - instead, you must purchase another asset to be allocated to the second Character.

Sharing of Knowledge Between Characters​

You may not share knowledge or pursue storylines across your Characters.
See Metagaming for more information.

Hacking, Exploiting, Macroing, Cheating & Knowledge of Rule-breaks​

Players are not permitted to have and/or use any mods, trainers, menus, or any kind of 3rd party software that gives them an advantage. For example, players should not use aim cheats- or cheats designed to alter the graphics of the game to give an advantage.

Hacking - Modifying Game Files to Gain an Advantage​

Players are not permitted to modify their game files to gain an unfair advantage over other Players. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Removing graphical aspects of the game to gain an advantage. This includes the removal of vegetation and the removal of shadows from your in-game settings. We do not allow PvP or 'fragging' packs or settings. It is an RP server.
  • Use of any third-party crosshair. The only approved crosshair is the built-in crosshair
  • Modifying handling files of cars to make them handle differently than intended
  • Replacing vehicles and weapons with mods that can give an advantage


Players may not abuse server bugs or unintended mechanics to their advantage. Such bugs and issues must be reported to the Staff team. For more sensitive bugs, players may wish to contact a member of the Senior Team who will direct them to the correct place to deliver their report.

Examples of unintended mechanics/bugs:
  • Glitching through objects using animations or ragdolls
  • Glitching out of the world
  • Exploiting "polyzones" to perform actions from an unintended location
  • Gamifying systems to your advantage, such as to increase the sale rate of drugs or speed up other activities.


Players may not exploit server-sided scripts in any way, such as by circumventing an AFK timer or through the use of macros, auto clickers, or other more traditional methods such as applying a rubber band to a controller. In general, players may not automate actions through the use of a macro unless it is specifically approved by staff, such as the following example(s):
  • Use of /me automation to indicate actions your player is carrying out, such as taking out a telephone.

Threats & Disruption to Server & Knowledge of Rule Breaks​

Threats and Disruption​

Threats to, and disrupting the server, is a broad term used for several rules that affect the general running of the community, staff and players.

Players are expected to try and be positive assets to the community, and strive to improve RP, whilst adhering to server rules and helping others. Those who maliciously ruin others' experiences in the community will not be welcome for long.

Players are not allowed to:
  • Directly or knowingly engage in, or fail to report, situations involving the doxxing, or harassment of community members or staff.
  • Directly or knowingly engage in, or fail to report, situations involving cyber threats to the Server, community members, or staff.
  • Directly or knowingly engage in, or fail to report, situations involving the use of 3rd party cheats or software.
Players are expected to report severe rule breaks that they witness and/or have information about. Failing to do so may result in them being punished as complicit.

Failure to Report Rule Breaks​

United Gaming does not wish to ruin friendships - however, Players have a choice on what situations they involve themselves in, and a choice of what information they choose to withhold, but that choice may have consequences.

Players are expected to report severe rule breaks, such as, but not limited to:
  • Cheating
  • Ban Evading
  • Major Metagaming
  • Harassment
  • Cyber-Threats/Attacks
  • Any other malicious intentional rule breaks.
There is a lot of common sense involved in these scenarios. If a Player thinks a situation to be bad, or potentially of risk to United Gaming, it is in their best interest to report it to the Staff team than ignore it.

Ban Evading​

Bans from the Server, community, discord or Forums are not to be circumvented in any way.
Players are expected to submit ban appeals through the correct channels.

Server Advertising​

Players are not allowed to advertise other communities/servers on any of United Gaming's platforms.

Player Reports & Comps​

Player Reports​

All player reports are to be carried out using the Discord ticket function. Staff will do their level best to support players with all reports and issues.
All player reports must be supported with some kind of evidence, preferably some kind of video footage/screen recording.


United Gaming runs off of a no-clip, no-comp policy that has absolutely no exceptions.

Spite Reporting

Spite Reporting is characterised by reporting a player for past events, due to a punishment you or another individual has received. Staff deal with reports on a case-by-case basis and thus, outcomes may vary. Reporting a player "because you/another person got banned for doing it" may also be classed as Spite Reporting.

Character Wipes​

Players are allowed 2 (two) Character Wipes per year.

Players must request authorisation to Character Wipe using a Discord ticket - the Staff team will take you through the process.
Failure to request authorisation will result in the potential loss of all IRL Purchases.
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