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Aug 28, 2023

The staff team will review every report on a case-by-case basis. Due to the human nature of RP, a rule cannot be written for every instance. Therefore, the staff team reserves the right to apply experience and judgment to each report, and as a result, the outcome may differ from one report to the next.

Remember, we do have the discretion to take action, even though no written rules have been broken. -Christoffer, 2022

General Gang Roleplay Rules:
  • A gang can have no more than 15 members. Associates don't exist. Anyone representing your gang will be viewed as a member.
  • Crafting Tables, materials and weapons belong to the organisation unless clearly stated and kept separate. This would include leaving or being blooded out; you can’t steal stuff before leaving
  • Exit Wiping:
    • If you are “blooded out” of a gang, you forget sensitive information, - examples (but not limited to) locations, stashes and radios. You can remember things like colours, as this wouldn't be sensitive.
  • GangRP is a privilege, not a right - if we think your RP is not appropriate/in good faith/of a low quality, staff reserve the right to disband and remove your Gang.
  • Use of real gang names is prohibited.

Streams, Metagaming, NLR:
  • In GangRP, you are advised to record ALL gameplay - if you require a clip for a report, you MUST have 2 minutes prior and post the incident and the audio must not be removed or adjusted. If this isn't present, staff reserves the right to close the ticket.
  • Individuals looking to report someone for metagaming must have solid evidence - clips, screenshots - or tickets will be closed down; it is not for staff and logs to prove your report.
  • Whilst in the city, you may not watch anyone streaming UG. If you are caught in other streamers chats, you will receive the FULL metagaming punishment.

Gang Turf/Territory Rules:

  • Turfs are completely optional. They fit some gangs, but not all.
  • Whereby Gangs have a compound on their turf, it is not permitted to gain access to this compound for the sole sake of hostile action. There MUST be sufficient reasoning and Roleplay desire.
    • The principle of prioritising HQ RP applies here - staff will use their best judgment at all times.
  • At least one or more clothing items that represent your gang while on your turf.
  • If another gang appears and initiates a fight/shootout on your turf, they are accepting the fight knowing there are more than 6 on your side.
  • This being said, if you choose to become a Gang that utilises a turf, you should be aware of the following:
    • All players must be wearing an item of clothing representing the gang
    • Outside of wars, full and proper initiation is still a hard requirement on your turf.
    • You may not exceed 15 active individuals representing the gang on your turf at once.
  • If you choose to go to a Gang’s Turf, you should be aware of the following:
    • The rule of 6 applies to you at all times
    • The “Defending” Gang, or gang on their own turf, may have all 15 members present.
    • If you get into conflict on another Gang’s turf, they may not pursue you with all 15 members.
Gang War Rules:

  • In Gang wars, gangs may roll around 6 deep.
  • Gangs must meet face to face to declare war. Hostile RP may not commence at this scene.
  • Gangs must meet face to face to END a war. Peace should be accepted unless you have a very good reason not to.
  • All members must rep FULL colours throughout the war, including vehicles
  • Gangs may use no more than four vehicles at once during a war
  • Initiation against the enemy gang is reduced to verbal identification, but you will be held accountable for all poor RP especially against PD and bystanders
  • Greenzones still apply
  • Gang staff must be informed of wars and approve them before they start

Gang Raid Rules

  • Gangs are allowed 15 gang members at the compound at the time of raid.
  • Gangs MUST still fear their life if it comes to it.
  • Gangs MUST fear their freedom if it comes to it.
  • Gangs CAN NOT call other gangs in for help.

Cooldown rules

  • Cooldown is applied after the removal of a gang, leaving a gang or a gang disbanding
  • Cooldown lasts 7 days from the day of reporting leaving, disbanding, or being blooded out. If you fail to report leaving a gang and are found to be engaging in gang roleplay, you will be punished with a strike and a reset on cooldown
  • If you are found to be involved in gang roleplay while on cooldown, your cooldown will restart. Some examples are (but not limited to):
    • Going out with more than TWO people with the intent to rob other gangs or players.
    • Engaging in hostile gang meetings.
    • Claiming colours is NOT allowed
    • Claiming a turf is NOT allowed
    • Gang name claiming is NOT allowed
Cooldown is up to staff discretion. If individuals are leaving gangs multiple times a month, gang staff can put individuals on cooldowns for upwards of 2 weeks.
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